T-Mobile UK

T-Mobile UK is mobile network and broadband operator owned by EE, which is the largest mobile network in the United Kingdom. This company offers both monthly mobile phone contracts as well as pay-as-you-go plans for those who do not want to make the commitment of signing a contract. T-Mobile merged with Orange, a French-owned telecommunications company, providing millions of people across the UK and other areas of Europe with these services. There are also a number of different mobile and home broadband packages which T-Mobile UK offers, each of which varies in terms of pricing and other details.

Mobile Phone Service

There are monthly contract plans as well as pay as you go plans available with T-Mobile UK, and each one is priced differently depending on the details. The most expensive monthly plan with this mobile provider is £74.99, which includes 50 GB of data, unlimited talk minutes and texts, and double speed 4G service from EE. There are a number of monthly plans to choose from, each of which has a different amount of data that can be used within the span of a month.

Not all monthly or pay-as-you-go plans from T-Mobile UK are 4G-compatible, which is why it is important to visit the website to determine what your specific needs are so you can find the right one. While the 4G network can be used with most of these plans, that is not always the case. There is only one monthly option which does not include access to EE’s 4G network. There are also pay-as-you-go plans available with this carrier which do not require a contract to be signed. With these plans there is a simple setup process which includes choosing a phone and SIM, selecting the amount you want to top up, and creating a combination of data, minutes, and texts.

Phone Options

There are a number of different phones available for T-Mobile UK customers through the EE website, and they come in a variety of brands. All of these mobile devices are smartphones which are made by companies like Apple, Blackberry, EE, HTC, LG, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony. The cost of these phones depends on the type of plan that is selected. Those who choose a pay-as-you-go plan can expect to pay retail price for their phone because of the fact that they are not signing a contract. Customers who are signing up for a monthly 12 or 24-month contract can expect to get their phone for free or at a drastically reduced price.

A few of the more popular smartphone choices for T-Mobile UK customers include:

  • Sony Xperia M2
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5c
  • Samsung Galaxy S4

The phones that are for sale on the EE website come in a variety of colors and most of them can be used with the 4G network. It is important to keep in mind that not all of these devices or the plans offered by T-Mobile UK are 4G-compatible, and the geographical area is another factor to take into consideration when determining availability with this particular network.


Along with mobile phones, there are a variety of tablets to choose from, each of which are 100% compatible with T-Mobile UK’s mobile services. A few of the different tablet computers that can be purchased from the EE website include the iPad Air, iPad Mini, Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.0, and the Sony Xperia Tablet Z. Most of these tablets are also compatible with EE’s 4G network, allowing users to browse the web at unprecedented speeds, provided they have the proper plan with T-Mobile.

Broadband Internet

T-Mobile UK customers can also opt for a broadband internet package. This service is provided by EE and there are a variety of options to choose from, including home and mobile broadband. Mobile broadband packages allow users to access the internet on their mobile devices, including phones and tablets. Home broadband services only allow for internet access through computers or televisions. There are a variety of broadband packages available through this company, each of which are different in terms of pricing as well as speed. The fastest broadband package this company offers is 76Mb/sec with a maximum cost of £15.50 a month.

With so many different options when it comes to mobile phone and broadband services as well as devices, T-Mobile UK is one of the most popular mobile providers in this area of the world. The high-speed internet and 4G network from EE is one of the many reasons that this company remains a premier telecommunications company in the UK with millions of customers in a number of countries. It is important to look through the details of the various plans this company offers, as well as the mobile devices they sell, before committing to anything in particular.