Orange is a telecommunications company that provides mobile phone, internet, and IP television services to millions of people all over the world, including the UK and other parts of Europe. This company provides these services for both individuals and as well as multinational companies. Orange is also a mobile phone retailer, selling a variety of phones which are made by a number of different companies.

Mobile Phone Service

Those who are interested in Orange’s mobile phone services will find that they offer two options, one of which is a pay as you go arrangement and the other requires monthly payments to be made. There are different phones for pay as you go and monthly plans, allowing customers to choose a phone that matches their needs. There are numerous types of mobile phone plans which this company offers, each of which comes with different limitations and terms.

A monthly mobile phone plan with Orange can cost anywhere from £23.99, which includes 500 MB of data, 500 minutes, and unlimited texts, to £74.99, which includes 50 GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts. The cost of the phones themselves varies, but is usually either free or extremely nominal. Orange uses the EE network for transmitting data, texts, and calls. EE is widely considered to be one of the leading companies in the UK with regards to mobile internet services.

In order to take advantage of EE’s 4G network, it is necessary for Orange customers to have a phone, plan, and SIM card that are compatible. Not all of the mobile phone plans from Orange will work with the 4G network, which is why it is important for those who want to use it to know exactly what they need before deciding on any phone or plan in particular. Orange also offers roaming through the EE network for those who want to travel abroad without having to worry about running up their bill.

Phone Options

Orange currently overs over 50 different mobile phones to choose from in a variety of brands. Some of the different brands of mobile phones that this company offers include Apple, Blackberry, EE, HTC, LG, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony. Those who visit Orange’s website will find that they allow visitors to search their phones by features, colors, ratings, speed, and brand. A few of the features that these phones have include NFC, TV capable, temperature sensor, and high quality camera. Most of the phones this company sells are smart phones.

Some of the different phones that Orange offers for monthly plans include:

  • HTC One mini 2
  • Kestrel from EE
  • Sony Xperia M2
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • iPhone 5S
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace 3

Although there are fewer options with pay as you go phones, there are still many of the same ones available, but at a significantly higher cost due to the fact that there is no contract required.


There are also a number of different tablets that Orange customers can purchase through the EE website, including brands such as Apple, EE, Google, Samsung, and Sony. Some of the more popular tablets that this company sells include:

  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Air
  • Nexus 7

Each of these tablets is fully compatible with the EE 4G network through Orange, allowing users to make calls, send and receive texts, and go online. These tablets can be purchased with either monthly or pay as you go plans, and there are a variety of them to choose from with each option.

Broadband Internet

Orange also offers broadband internet through the EE network, offering Fibre Broadband for rates that start from $8 per month. There are numerous broadband packages to take advantage of, including unlimited broadband for £2.00 a month for 12 months, including a line rental fee of £15. This particular deal is available to those who are on an Orange 4GEE plan. Broadband service with this company includes an EE Brightbox router, providing customers with wireless coverage.

Broadband speed and availability with this company varies depending on location. Those who are interested in signing up for internet with Orange can visit EE’s website to check their broadband speed and availability by entering either their landline number of post code. The cost of broadband internet through Orange/EE varies from £6 a month for 3 months with unlimited broadband and anytime mobile calls with speeds of up to 17/MB per second to £2 per month for 12 months with the same terms, but with a price increase up to £6 a month after the first year.

Orange offers reliable mobile phone and internet service to millions of people through the world, including most parts of the UK and a number of countries throughout Europe. With numerous plans and packages to choose from as well as a wide selection of mobile devices to choose from, including phones and tablets, it is a popular choice for many people who are in need of these services.