Listed below are a range of no credit check mobile phones available on the Shebang network. The Shebang network are specialists in helping customers who can’t pass a credit check for a standard contract with the main UK network operators and offer 100% guaranteed acceptance for everyone. Shebang welcomes every customer to its network by offering no credit checks on all its SIM only contracts and selected 12 month contract handsets.

IMPORTANT: You should only apply with the handsets below if you have already been declined with our preferred networks. Whilst you are guaranteed to be accepted with Shebang, their deals are more expensive and you are limited to the choice of handsets.

If your credit rating is very bad and you have already been declined with the main network operators, then Shebang may be your only chance of getting approved as they are only UK network to offer a no credit check contract.

Who are Shebang?

Shebang have over 20 years experience in the mobile phone industry and have around 100 stores across the country running the third largest independent mobile phone retail chain in the UK. Every customer of Shebang is guaranteed acceptance in one way or another and they are the only company in the UK to provide no credit check mobile phones.

  • Every customer is 100% guaranteed a credit check pass
  • The UK’s only FREE line rental tariff.
  • Over 97% UK network coverage
  • Ultrafast internet access
  • The fastest growing business network in the UK
  • Unique understanding from a dealers perspective

Am I guaranteed acceptance?

As long as you are over 18, in full time employment and have a bank account, you will be accepted by Shebang either on their pay monthly contract phones or SIM only tariffs.

Can I upgrade my handset?

If you choose one of their 12 month no credit check handsets, you can upgrade to any phone of your choice after 6 months.