Samsung Genio Touch

samsung-genio-touch-yellow-blog-imageThe Samsung Genio Touch is a fairly unique looking handset, nice and compact, slim, touch screen, it has all the characteristics of a popular Samsung device. It also comes in variable colours, the dominant colour is black but you can get versions of the phone with Yellow and Pink and Black backs. Will the features live up to the exquisite exterior? Time to find out!

The touch screen functionality is fairly good, not the best but good none the less, the screen is 2.8 inches and is 240×320 pixels. Like I said it won’t set any world on fire when you consider what you can get on the market but that said it is a fairly low budget handset, you will probably pick it up for about £60 on pay as you go and free on contract with a really good deal. Put it in that context and it is a good set up.

The Genio comes with a modest 2.0 mega pixel camera, not as good as the LG KP500 Cookie or the Samsung Tocco Lite which it would obviously be compared to. Don’t right off the Genio too early in the camera department though as it comes with a flash and zoom, perfect for all those picture perfect moments on nights out.

For messaging the Genio will support SMS, MMS and email. For music there is a nice music player and an FM radio, for all your tunes the Genio can take up to 16GB, plenty of room. You will also find a video camera to capture all your unmissable footage. Not the best quality when playing back but it does the job.

Now here’s where the Genio comes into its own in the under £100 range, it’s 3G, massive effort from Samsung here. This means any browsing that you do will be at broadband like speeds. The Genio in my opinion is aimed at the younger market and maybe as low as the teen market which means accessing face book, Bebo and other social networking arenas such as Twitter.

Overall the Samsung Genio is a ‘neat’ little handset but not many have been sold in the UK with users preferring to still go for the LG KP500 Cookie and Samsung’s other marvel the Tocco Lite. Now it is over to you to make your mind up, you know the spec, you know what you want and you know what you like the look of. Solid little phone which will do what it says on the tin, 7/10 from me.

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