Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung-Galaxy-S-captivateThe Samsung Galaxy S mobile phone is yet another smartphone addition to the mobile phone market. It is Samsung’s answer to mobile phones such as the HTC Desire, the Apple iPhone 4 and the upcoming Nokia N8. I have an initial frustration which is the fact that the phone looks and feels like the Apple iPhone 3gs, but a cheaper version! It looks and feels a bit ‘plasticy’ compared to it. But for the purposes of this mobile phone review it’s best we park that to one side as not all phones can look and feel as good as Apple products do.

The screen on the Galaxy S is a 4″ super AMOLED touchscreen which makes it bigger than that of the HTC Desire and the iPhone 4. Not only is it bigger but it is better, super AMOLED makes it sharper, brighter and more receptive to your instructions.

The Galaxy S sports a 5.0 megapixel camera which pegs it next to the iPhone4 and the HTC Desire but again is a little frustrating considering Samsung have offered some pretty hefty cameras on some of their other models such as the Samsung i8510 so why couldn’t they use this technology? Well, only they can answer this but 5.0 megapixel is still enough to give you some good snas but unfortunately there is no flash. Overall the camera is a bit of a thumbs down really.

Whatever you do on the Samsung Galaxy S you can do it quick because it has a 1GHz processor which really leaves most phones lagging behind so well done Samsung! For connectivity the Galaxy has 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and HSPA, this coupled the the Chrome lite browser means you can connect fast to our faourite websites or social networking spots such as Bebo or Facebook. Buy this mobile phone and you will also fine AGPS for geo-tagging and quick access to Google Maps which will help you find where you need to be with no messing around. The Samsung Galaxy also has an Android operating system which is widely regarded as a superior one. This coupled with the connectivity, screen and browser makes this one of the key features of the phone and a real plus.

As for media the Samsung has a music and video player and the handset comes with either 8GB or 16GB of internal memory which can be expanded to 32GB with an additional memory card. The video recorder can record video in HD (720p) which is a great feature to have and playing it back is awesome on the high performance screen. Most of the latest smartphones are geared up to allow customers to take advantage of the many apps available and the Galaxy is no different. It comes pre installed with access to Facebook, MSN Messenger and much more. There is nowhere near as many as there are for the iphone but it has the ones people will use most.

Maybe i was a little hash to begin with but upon opening the box i was slightly disappointed with with the look and feel considering the look and the feel of the 3gs which is 18 months old now. Then moving onto the camera and seeing no flash and only 5.0 megapixels wasn’t really the best start. However upon closer inspection I have to agree with the reviewers down at mobile phones uk that this phone is Samsung’s best ever phone. What it is not, is a 10/10 phone for me, but an 8/10 none the less.

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