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7 Reasons Why You Must Get a No-Hassle SIM-Only Deal

Mobile phones have become an indispensable gadget for young and old. A moment without your a mobile phone makes one feel like helpless. With so many mobile companies around it has become increasingly difficult to choose the right handset, and going out to pick a suitable tariff is an even bigger nightmare. Pay As You Go drains your money like an open tap, while contracts bind you to the same provider for a minimum of twelve months. What’s the answer? The obvious answer is SIM-Only deals, which are now promoted

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Android Apps That Help You Manage Your Finances

Are you aware as to how much money you have and how much more you owe other people? If you are looking to either grow your money or get out of debt then it is essential that you know the answer to these two questions. Once you do that, you are in a good position to making better investments decisions, budgeting your finances properly across a number of categories and focussing on the payment of your bills as per schedule. The best Android apps for managing your finances: The global

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Blackberry 9300 Curve 3G Review

The Blackberry 9300 Curve 3G mobile phone is anotheraddition to the extremely popular Blackberry range, a poularity that is increasing I might add. On the exterior it looks quite a lot like the old Blackberry 8900 Curve, a cooler more hip looking handset than the more distinquished formal looking Bold and Bold 2. It possesses the new touch pad technology as opposed to the traditional roller ball which was riddled with faults and broke easily. It measures in at 109 x 60 x 14 mm weighing 104g and sporting a

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I Want the Samsung Galaxy S4! : A Guide to Buying the Coveted Phone

At Samsung’s Unpacked event in New York City, the company has announced that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be released in the UK on the 26th of April. You can get it from the Samsung Experience Store at Westfield Stratford City and from all major European network operators – Deutsche Telecom, EE, H3G, Orange, Telenor, Telia Sonera, Telefonica, and Vodafone. This flagship phone is technically wanted by almost everyone. This is why the company has made pre-ordering and registering interests available for the handset. Continue reading for you to find

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Apple’s WifiSLAM Acquisition Allows iPhone GPS Mapping

Due to Apple’s purchase of indoor GPS expert, WifiSLAM, there is a high likelihood that the iPhone5S and iPhone6 to carry GPS mapping. The Wall Street Journal shows that Apple bought the company for $20M, and even if the deal pushed through, the Cupertino-based outfit didn’t exactly tell us how they will utilize the newly acquired asset. AngelList states that WifiSLAM’s main business is to: ‘Allow your Smartphones to pinpoint its location (and the location of your friends) in real-time to 2.5m accuracy using only ambient WiFi signals that are

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