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HTC Touch Diamond 2

Saying that the HTC Touch Diamond 2 is a smartphone is a bit obvious as most phones that HTC produce are smartphones. So the main talking point around HTC as a manufacturer is which smartphone is the most intelligent? The HTC Touch Diamond 2 is the successor to the original diamond model that was quite profitable for the manufacturer and left many people pondering do I buy this or the iPhone? So we have high hopes for this one! The exterior is slightly bulky but most smartphones are, you don’t

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Samsung Genio Touch

The Samsung Genio Touch is a fairly unique looking handset, nice and compact, slim, touch screen, it has all the characteristics of a popular Samsung device. It also comes in variable colours, the dominant colour is black but you can get versions of the phone with Yellow and Pink and Black backs. Will the features live up to the exquisite exterior? Time to find out! The touch screen functionality is fairly good, not the best but good none the less, the screen is 2.8 inches and is 240×320 pixels. Like

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Tips For Saving Money On Your Phone Bill

Most people pay more for mobile service than they have to. These tips can help you trim the bill. Don’t upgrade your phone on your contract. When you upgrade your phone, the cost is integrated into your contract. Consider buying a SIM-only phone, with a cheaper monthly contract. Sell your old handsets. You may be able to trade your handset for cash or a credit on a new handset. Sign up for free texts. Some service providers offer free text messages to certain users who agree to read text messages

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Dangers Of Losing Your Smartphone

Smart phones are expensive and easily resalable bits of modern technology and as such, one should always be aware that smart phone theft is pretty high –simply leaving the phone lying around is a sure way to get unsavory characters interested in it. There is also much to lose as well. Aside from the fact that being stolen from can be emotionally scarring and the direct financial loss will surely affect you, there is also a matter of privacy that should not be forgotten. Sure, there are plenty of semi-obvious

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Nokia X2

Nokia has once again flexed its muscles in the entry level market of mobile phones with the release of the Nokia X2. Again, what we have is a very affordable handset that provides us with all the features that one would expect from a mobile phone. Plus, it comes from the highly successful X Series which makes the device even more impressive. Broad Range The Nokia X Series is a fast growing family of mobile phones. What’s great about this series is that it caters to a broader market. Although

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