Nokia X2

Nokia has once again flexed its muscles in the entry level market of mobile phones with the release of the Nokia X2. Again, what we have is a very affordable handset that provides us with all the features that one would expect from a mobile phone. Plus, it comes from the highly successful X Series which makes the device even more impressive.

Broad Range

The Nokia X Series is a fast growing family of mobile phones. What’s great about this series is that it caters to a broader market. Although the first models in this line were considered to be high end devices, Nokia has expanded the series’ range by adding a couple of entry level handsets to the family.

One such device is the Nokia X2. It still bares the prestigious X Series name, but the difference is that it comes with a very reasonable price tag. This is perfect for consumers in the aspiring market segment as they also want to get a taste of the excellence of the X Series without having to burn a hole in their pocket.

Everything You Need

In terms of features, the Nokia X2 possesses all the features you’d need from a basic mobile phone. Of course it doesn’t have support for 3G and Wi-Fi, but at least there’s still EDGE and GPRS to rely on for mobile internet connectivity. The X2 even comes with an above average 5-Megapixel camera which sports features like an LED flash and video capture capability.

The device also has a very attractive and compact design; it has the dimensions of 111 x 47 x 13.3 mm and is available in two different colour combinations – red on black and blue on silver.

If you’re searching for a quality, no frills type of device that is both affordable and reliable, then the Nokia X2 is definitely a mobile worth considering.

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