LG KP500 Cookie

lg cookieThe LG KP500 Cookie mobile phone is the perfect credit crunch handset.  It is an affordable and delightful phone that burst onto the mobile phone market in the latter stages of 2008.  So…being an affordable handset this suggests that some features are missing or some features are neglected on quality right? Wrong!  This phone offers you a 3.0 mega pixel camera…bigger than the iphone 3G, bigger than the Blackberry 9000 Bold…bigger than, well, bigger than a lot of the biggest phones of 2008.

It is fully touch screen, something the mobile phone market has seemed to crave of late.  This is a feature that is common on premium handsets such as the aforementioned iPhone 3G and 3GS but yet you can get it here and at an affordable price.  The LG KP500 Cookie isn’t just fully touch screen it also has features that are the ’nice to haves’ of other phones such as a built-in accelerometer which senses which way you are holding the phone and changes the keyboard accordingly.  If that wasn’t clever enough you even get a stylus to accurately pin point which part of the screen you want to touch!

In terms of multimedia you get the usual music player and video recorder/player.  But this is where the LG Kp500 Cookie comes unstuck and that is because you only get 48MB of memory.  It can be built up to 8GB by adding a memory card but if you are going for affordability you don’t want to have to pay more to get what you want.  But that said  people will have to understand, and should understand this is an affordable handset and there is no such thing as a free lunch so you need to make up your mind early as to what you want from a phone and if this phone can deliver that.

It doesn’t have Wi-Fi, it isn’t 3G, it doesn’t even have the biggest camera on the market.  But it does offer you all of what I have mentioned in the first part of this review but in an extremely compact design.  It is smaller and lighter than the iPhone and that of its brothers and sisters such as the LG Renoir.  It looks good too which is a feature in itself that shouldn’t be underestimated or overlooked.

The Carphone Warehouse sold over 40,000 of these in Nov – Dec 2008 and that’s a lot of phones.   It has continued to be a best seller throughout the 2009 trading year so far.  It seams the customers of the mobile phone market are voting with their wallets.  Personally I like a high spec expensive phone because you get what you pay for but in this instance I’m wrong because with the LG Cookie you get more than what you pay for a strong 9/10 from me!

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