HTC Touch Diamond 2

touch-diamond2-taiwanSaying that the HTC Touch Diamond 2 is a smartphone is a bit obvious as most phones that HTC produce are smartphones. So the main talking point around HTC as a manufacturer is which smartphone is the most intelligent? The HTC Touch Diamond 2 is the successor to the original diamond model that was quite profitable for the manufacturer and left many people pondering do I buy this or the iPhone? So we have high hopes for this one!

The exterior is slightly bulky but most smartphones are, you don’t mind the size so much when you realise that the Diamond 2 has a 3.2 inch screen and has 480×800 pixels, now that is quality! It also has autorotation meaning whether you are holding the handset vertically or horizontally the screen mimics this accordingly. The home screen also gives you quick access to the key features that you will use most often such as messaging and internet.

That’s the look and feel covered off, what of the features? Well it has an ample 5.0 mega pixel camera, not the biggest camera you will find but on a par with other smartphones such as the Nokia N97. There is also an auto focus feature which makes you get the best picture possible from the device. You will also find a video camera, video player and video calling facility. Not many complaints here, some would argue the camera could be a bit bigger but on the whole a good effort and some nice features.

This HTC runs of a Windows mobile 6.1 operating system which is pretty similar to operating many Windows PC’s. On the whole it is sophisticated, slick and a lot better than most operating systems. You will also find the HTC Touch Diamond 2 supports the TouchFLO 3D interface for navigation and accessing the features. This is quite unique and takes a little getting used to but is on the whole responsive and a nice alternative to the touch navigation on the iPhone.

For music the Diamond 2 is not too bad, nice player and easy to use, it’s just the memory, there simply isn’t enough, not for a premium smartphone anyway. There is 288MB but this is expandable should you want lots of media on your phone. Connectivity and browsing is pretty quick too as you would expect from a phone from HTC. The Diamond 2 sports 3G and Wi-Fi ensuring whatever you are trying to connect to you will be doing it quickly.

On the whole this phone is one of the best in HTC’s range and I think you will have little complaints about it should you buy it. You probably wont get the best deal on contract with it because it is a very expensive handset to produce. When they say smartphone they definitely mean it with this one so if it’s a smartphone you are after I wouldn’t look to much further than the HTC Touch Diamond 2 10/10 from me.

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