Dangers Of Losing Your Smartphone

Smart phones are expensive and easily resalable bits of modern technology and as such, one should always be aware that smart phone theft is pretty high –simply leaving the phone lying around is a sure way to get unsavory characters interested in it. There is also much to lose as well. Aside from the fact that being stolen from can be emotionally scarring and the direct financial loss will surely affect you, there is also a matter of privacy that should not be forgotten.

Sure, there are plenty of semi-obvious things that you would not want exposed to the public –and most of that may often include entire albums of the most ‘candid’ shots you have taking with your smart phone’s five or eight mega pixel camera (or recorded in 720p HD). But beyond those embarrassing pictures of that ski trip that had you slamming face first into another skier on the slopes, there are a lot of other things to be worried about.

First off, smart phone information is a stalker’s paradise. It has information on who your friends are, what your last online or SMS communications were, where you’ve been, where you will go and for those who update the phone’s organizer function, what your plans for the rest of the week is.

GPS and location based apps keep a record of what routes you take and where you spend most of your time in. Even if you live your life as an open faced book with the people around you, being exposed to such as high degree is never a good idea. Even worse is the fact that smart phones often contain very sensitive information; banking and financial data is also stored in the smart phones of some folks.

From credit information to your PayPal account, a single online transaction on the smart phone will leave a trace of your financial data on the device.


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