Bad Credit HTC 7 Mozart

htc7mozartFrom the outside the Mozart looks largely similar to its brother, the HTC 7 Trophy measuring in at 119 x 60.2 x 11.9 mm and weighing 130g it is slightly lighter and has a slightly smaller screen if only 0.1 inches smaller. This will therefore be an interesting review as I try to tell you what makes the Mozart a better or worse buy than the trophy.

Both screens have touch typing for text messaging or email. The screen has an accelerometer so if you hold the handset in a landscape fashion the screen will auto rotate accordingly. The resolution is also the same at 480×800 pixels. So from the outside they may as well be the same phone. Now HTC have made a lot of waves recently in terms of gaining share in the smartphone market so they are no mugs, therefore there will be key differences in the two phones and these must lay in the features rather than look and feel.

Alas, we have a difference! The HTC 7 Mozart sports an 8.0 megapixel camera with auto focus, xenon flash, face detection and geo tagging. This is a great camera, far superior to the 5.0 megapixel camera that you get on the Trophy. So if camera and picture quality is your thing then I definitely recommend the Mozart. In addition to this HTC provide you with some great photo features such as the ability to quick share photo’s to websites like facebook. The Mozart also has video recording and playback functionality.

The Mozart is exactly the same as the Trophy in the memory department too giving you a whopping 8GB as standard which is great for all your music or videos. If you download movies or tv programmes you can load these straight onto the Mozart in MP4 format and enjoy them on the move. The Mozart is great for entertainment too, you can sync the phone with your Xbox live account to keep up to date with who is online and playing what without even being at home and better still keep up with scores! That’s not all the Mozart can give you access to a video hub powered by Zune to help you find video’s or music to watch on the go.

For connectivity the Mozart is exactly like the Trophy allowing you to connect via 3G HSDPA should you have a data bundle or via Wi-Fi should you be in a free zone. The browser is also youtube compatible so you can watch all your favourite videos or search for new ones.

On the whole the Mozart is pretty much the same as the Trophy aside from the fact it has a better camera. Both obviously operate the new Windows 7 platform which is a really powerful and intuitive operating system. So if you’re not that fussed about the camera take your pick. HTC are making some great phones at the minute and these two fit into that bracket. Due to the better camera it is a 9/10 from me.

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