7 Reasons Why You Must Get a No-Hassle SIM-Only Deal

Mobile phones have become an indispensable gadget for young and old. A moment without your a mobile phone makes one feel like helpless. With so many mobile companies around it has become increasingly difficult to choose the right handset, and going out to pick a suitable tariff is an even bigger nightmare. Pay As You Go drains your money like an open tap, while contracts bind you to the same provider for a minimum of twelve months.

What’s the answer? The obvious answer is SIM-Only deals, which are now promoted by most of the major providers in UK and Europe. Listed below are some key benefits and features of SIM-Only deals-

No Long-Term Contract

This is the major benefit of SIM-only deals. You are tied to your provider for 12/18 months. Although you get the same benefits of a contract you are free to get away if you don’t like the service.

Easy Credit Check

A lot of genuine people out there can’t get the benefits of a contract, such as, better call and text rates. SIM-only makes it easy for anyone to get on board. Credit policies and approval standards for SIM-only are much more relaxed than the normal contract.

No Cancellation Fee

Unlike traditional contracts, you will not be charged a cancellation fee. All you need to give is a 30-day notice. SIM-only is a rolling 30-day contract that keeps extending unless you terminate it.

Keep Your Number And Existing Phone

Yes, you can keep your existing mobile-number. You need to get hold of a PAC (port authorization code) and voila! Same number, same phone and a new tariff with a new provider. Of course your phone must not be locked to another network.

Cheaper Minutes/Tariff

SIM-only deals relishes on the fact that they don’t have to give you a free mobile handset. This allows them to provide you far cheaper calls. For example, an Orange £10/month deal gives you 100 anytime minutes and 500 text, which is cheaper than any Pay As you Go or contract.

Switch Your Provider Easily

There are no hassles if you don’t like the service provided. Just give 30 days notice and move on. It can’t be simpler and better than this.

Wider Choice Of Plans

Network providers have come out with a wider choice of plans for SIM-only. You can literally create your own plans with some providers. Besides, when it’s a breeze to switch plans and operators you have such a wide choice of plans to pick from.

After reading the above its must be crystal clear to you why SIM-only deals are the best bet in terms of mobile phone tarriffs. They are more flexible with better call rates. SO go get yourself the best SIM-only deal.

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