Tips For Saving Money On Your Phone Bill

Most people pay more for mobile service than they have to. These tips can help you trim the bill.

Don’t upgrade your phone on your contract. When you upgrade your phone, the cost is integrated into your contract. Consider buying a SIM-only phone, with a cheaper monthly contract.

Sell your old handsets. You may be able to trade your handset for cash or a credit on a new handset.

Sign up for free texts. Some service providers offer free text messages to certain users who agree to read text messages with ads in them.

Use a family calling plan. If you place a lot of calls inside your family, get a contract that saves you money on these calls.

Ask for a loyalty reward. If you’ve been using your provider for a few months or more, you may be able to get a lower monthly rate, simply by asking.

Check your monthly plan online. Use an Internet service that compares prices from various providers, and check for deals you may be able to take advantage of.

Refer a friend. Some networks offer referral bonuses; ask your friends to sign up with your provider and help you save money or win rewards.

Buy the bare minimum phone. Don’t pay for bells and whistles you won’t use. Save money by buying a more basic phone.

Get the best roaming charges. Some carriers have lower roaming fees than others. If you’ll be going out of your area, shop for the best provider.

Watch your bill. Your provider may be charging for things you’re not expecting, like retrieving voicemail or accessing the Internet. Watch your charges and make sure they stay within reasonable bounds.

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