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Bad Credit HTC 7 Mozart

From the outside the Mozart looks largely similar to its brother, the HTC 7 Trophy measuring in at 119 x 60.2 x 11.9 mm and weighing 130g it is slightly lighter and has a slightly smaller screen if only 0.1 inches smaller. This will therefore be an interesting review as I try to tell you what makes the Mozart a better or worse buy than the trophy. Both screens have touch typing for text messaging or email. The screen has an accelerometer so if you hold the handset in a

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Samsung Galaxy S

The Samsung Galaxy S mobile phone is yet another smartphone addition to the mobile phone market. It is Samsung’s answer to mobile phones such as the HTC Desire, the Apple iPhone 4 and the upcoming Nokia N8. I have an initial frustration which is the fact that the phone looks and feels like the Apple iPhone 3gs, but a cheaper version! It looks and feels a bit ‘plasticy’ compared to it. But for the purposes of this mobile phone review it’s best we park that to one side as not

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LG KP500 Cookie

The LG KP500 Cookie mobile phone is the perfect credit crunch handset.  It is an affordable and delightful phone that burst onto the mobile phone market in the latter stages of 2008.  So…being an affordable handset this suggests that some features are missing or some features are neglected on quality right? Wrong!  This phone offers you a 3.0 mega pixel camera…bigger than the iphone 3G, bigger than the Blackberry 9000 Bold…bigger than, well, bigger than a lot of the biggest phones of 2008. It is fully touch screen, something the

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Blackberry 9780 Bold

Welcome to the Blackberry 9780 Bold review! The Bold range has been extremely popular for Blackberry since the original launched a few years ago as has Blackberry’s overall popularity. The Bold has often been dubbed as Blackberry’s premium smartphone in the range with phones like the Blackberry 8520 Curve and the Blackberry 9300 3G forming the mid to low range when considering budget. So let’s see what this one has to offer… The 9780 Bold takes a similar look and feel of that of past models, measuring 109 x 60

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Google Nexus S

Welcome to the Google Nexus S review.  The Google Nexus S hits the UK market last month only available at the Carphonewarehouse group.  This comes as CPW’s first main scoop since the early iPhone models on O2.  It is much anticipated and a lot has been written about it.  So for this mobile phone review can we get through all the fluff and hype and help you decide whether it is the phone for you? I think we can! First the Google Nexus S is made by Samsung which is

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