As our name suggests, this website covers topics related to getting a pay monthly mobile phone contract with bad credit history.

As employees in the mobile phone industry, we are all too aware of the bad credit mobile phones dilemma and how frustrating it can be. At times, it can seem easier to buy a house than it is to receive “permission” to get a mobile phone contract!

Mobile phone networks can be very strict about their credit check procedure and are often quick to decline an application for a mobile phone contract if you have the slightest bad mark against your credit history.

The aim of this site is to provide information on a number of mobile phone retailers/networks who can help provide you a mobile phone contract – despite having a bad credit history.

Unfortunately, there are only a  handful of retailers who can help, but we have attempted to cover them all and to provide you with more information on the individual company’s and the packages they currently offer.

If you are struggling to be accepted for a mobile phone contract, hopefully you will find the content here useful.

We’ve listed the best places to get bad credit mobile phones and no credit check mobile phones.