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Do you have severe credit history problems? Defaults, CCJ's or even bankrupt? No problem, we'll show you the best mobile network operator that provides you withno credit check sim only contractswith 100% guaranteed acceptance.

Bad Credit Tips & Tricks

Applying for a mobile phone contract with bad credit history can be extremely difficult, but we can help you get approved today for a wide selection ofbad credit mobile phoneswith the best mobile networks for people with low credit scores.

Rejection rates can be much higher for people with poor credit and this can cause disappointment and confusion about where to turn to or what to do in order to qualify for a contract.

Credit checks are usually mandatory when you apply for a pay monthly contract, and mobile networks usually require their customers to have a good credit score to minimise risks of late or non-repayment of monthly phone bills.

The good news is that there are a number of things you can do to improve your chances of getting your application accepted. However, be advised that while it's possible to get a mobile phone with bad credit, it may be a little harder to get the first choice handset you desire.

Following the tips below will greatly enhance your success:

1. Be realistic when choosing a contract.

If your credit is poor, it is important to be realistic about the type of mobile contracts that are available to you. Having bad credit severely limits the amount of choices offered. You may not be able to get the particular phone or contract you want compared to people with a healthy credit rating.

Creditors do not like to provide finance to people who may have had repayment problems in the past, therefore you must be willing to sacrifice a few things in order to get approved.

Working through the following steps will certainly help:)

2. Register Your Information On The Electoral Roll.

Many people assume they are already registered on the , but in actuality, this may not be the case. It is especially important for people with a low credit score to be registered on the Electoral Roll, as it is often used to confirm your identity when applying for most forms of finance; this can often be the difference between being accepted or declined credit.

If creditors discover your name is not on the list, it will appear to them as if you do not exist or that you are starting off with absolutely no credit record. Both of these situations are looked upon negatively. Those who are not registered or are unsure can visit the AboutMyVote website to download the exact form for their location.

3. Keep Yourself Updated On Your Credit Report.

A credit check is generally required when applying for a mobile phone contract, and so, it is important to make sure your personal credit report contains updated and accurate information since this criteria will be used to determine acceptance. To help keep you up-to-date on your credit history, there are places online that allow you to check your credit report absolutely free. Knowing what is on your credit report will help you determine in advance what your chances are of getting approved for all types of finance, including a pay monthly mobile phone contract.

In many cases, credit reports may contain inaccurate information according to some studies. Many of the mistakes are due to human error and can prove harmful to one's credit rating. Inaccurate billing, payments that have been made but not registered, and identity theft are common occurrences. Even though the errors may be small, they can determine if you can be approved for finance. Monitoring these reports on a regular basis and fixing any errors can help to reduce the number of rejections received when applying for credit, so it is essential to ensure your credit report is error-free.

You can easily access your credit report though a credit bureau, such as Experian, that will provide you with a 30-day free trial.

4. Directly Applying to Mobile Networks Is Best.

In order to get the best acceptance rates, it is important you apply directly with a mobile network operator.

It is important to know that not all mobile networks are alike in their criteria when determining your application.

While the exact requirements of each one are unknown, some networks approve those with bad credit histories easier than others. While there are no guarantees, those with bad credit may want to consider applying to different networks and choosing the least expensive contract option.

The mobile networks that offer high acceptance rates are Virgin Mobile, Orange, and T-Mobile. Other mobile networks you can approach for a contract in the UK are O2 and Vodafone.

5. Consider Choosing the Least Expensive Handsets.

When applying for bad credit mobile phones, you should not be tempted to choose the latest, top of the range handsets.

Many people may not be aware that their application is based on the phone and tariff plan they have selected. More expensive phones and the contracts that go with them are usually only offered to those with excellent credit histories.

Those who opt for lower economical options, such as inexpensive handsets on a cheap line rental, may find an easier time getting approval. However, there are no guarantees of approval even with the budget options, but it will definitely improve your chances if you do.

Pay monthly contracts for mobile phones work like other kinds of finance - the more you want to borrow, the harder it is for your application to be approved. The retail value of new handsets ranges from £50 to £700, so mobile networks are therefore cautious about the types of phones they give to customers with poor credit scores. Even though retailers do not usually display the price of handsets, applying for a basic to mid-range handset will increase the chances of your application being approved.

Expensive phones like the Apple iPhone and the contracts that go with them are usually only approved to those who have excellent credit histories. Those with bad credit histories stand a low chance of getting accepted for these types of deals. Consider asking the networks what more economical options are available when applying for a contract.

6. Refrain from applying for a contract that comes with free gifts.

Some mobile phone contracts come with free gifts, like an Xbox360 or a satellite navigation system, among other gifts. ,These offers are appealing, but it is hard for you to get approved if your credit is bad because they are high value contracts, and they therefore have higher credit scoring requirements. The gifts are not usually 'free' as advertised since customers usually pay back the cost of the items in the form of longer (24 to 36) month contracts and higher monthly line rentals.

7. SIM Only Contracts Have Excellent Approval Rates.

If you are happy with the handset you currently have, you can opt for a SIM only contract to increase the chances of your application getting approved.

These types of contracts have a lower credit standard for approval than normal mobile phone contracts. The simple reason is that they do not include a free handset. If you already own a phone, this will be an ideal option worth considering. If you have been declined for a contract in the past, you may want to try to apply for this type of contract.

SIM only contracts offer the perks of normal pay monthly contracts and include many free monthly texts and minutes. You also do not have to be locked to a long-term plan, such as 12 or 18 months, when you opt for a SIM only contract, as these tariffs start from a short 30-day rolling contract. Another benefit of this contract is that you can keep your existing number. After you pay your monthly bill without defaulting, you will be able to establish trust with the mobile service provider, and you can upgrade your contract, receiving a free handset after a few months.

8. Be Aware That A Deposit May Be Required.

When looking for bad credit mobile phones, you should be ready to make a deposit in order to qualify. Mobile network operators might assume that you may not be able to make your monthly payments, and they may ask for a deposit in order to cover any risk associated with approving your contract. The deposit amount will vary depending on your personal circumstances and returned after 6-12 months depending on the network.

Making a deposit virtually guarantees your acceptance, so if you have the money, then this is a great way to get accepted.

9. Consider Getting A No Credit Check Mobile Phone.

These types of contracts are very appealing to those who have bad credit histories because there is no credit check required. However, they are usually more expensive and restrictive compared to other standard contracts. If you want more details concerning no credit check mobile phone plans, you can find many of these deals available on our website.

10. Consider Pay As You Go Contracts.

This is an excellent option if you have been turned down for a pay monthly contract. This option also works very well when combined with a SIM only contract and are a great value since you usually get more minutes and texts for the amount of cash you spend.

Recommended Mobile Phone Network

People who have bad credit histories will have a better chance of being accepted by T-Mobile. Indeed, T-Mobile has a special SIM only tariff, which is offered should you fail their initial credit check. Known as Solo Lite, this SIM card only contract contains certain temporary restriction, such as no handset, no picture messaging, no international calling features, and a capped monthly bill. On the other hand, these restrictions are lifted after 3-6 months of on time payments. You then have the option of upgrading to a standard contract that includes a free handset if you wish, having built up a relationship with the network.


In spite of having a poor credit score, you can still qualify for a phone contract in the UK. After qualifying for such a contract, it is important to ensure you make your monthly payments on time. One of the ways you can make payments is through direct debit, which will help you make consistent and timely payments. Such payments will help you improve your credit score, and this will help increase your chances of getting approved for credit in the future.

You may not like the fact you have to avoid getting the latest handsets, or you may feel bad about having to sign a contract with a particular mobile service provider only. The most important thing to remember is that obtaining any types of credit in today's economic climate is not that easy. You should, therefore, be happy with the pay monthly contract you qualify for.

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