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Do you have severe credit history problems? Defaults, CCJ's or even bankrupt? No problem, we'll show you the best mobile network operator that provides you withno credit check sim only contractswith 100% guaranteed acceptance.

Bad Credit Tips & Tricks

Mobile contracts with bad credit - what are they like? what tariff and phone will you get? is it as good as a normal mobile contract? what restrictions are there?

Unfortunately there is not a simple answer here, because it really depends on your financial situation.

Not all bad credit applicants are viewed the same, each one of you will be viewed individually, and a credit check will identify you as either a high, medium or low risk applicant, and obviously the less of a risk you pose the more options available to you.

The good news is, mobile operators are fully aware of the bad credit marketplace, because more and more of us are falling into bad credit, so the operators are now used to dealing with bad credit applicants, and as a result they have some superb offers on both phones and tariffs.

In this article I am going to show a few examples of these fantastic phones and tariffs available to each of the different risk types, and then I am going to show you how to use the information about your financial situation to your advantage.

The key to getting approval for a mobile phone with poor credit is not to demand the world. If you have previously been denied access to a mobile contract phone, it will be useless trying to apply for a new iPhone.

You will stand a better chance of getting the latest, hi-tech mobiles by building a relationship with a specific provider. Chances are if you make timely payments on your account for a relatively short period of time, you will be able to secure a phone contract with a good tariff deal.

Essentially, if you choose a Sim card only package through Vodafone, O2, Orange or T-Mobile and you have made timely payments, when you do choose to apply for the mobile contract of your choice, you will stand a better chance of getting approval.

Now, if you are fearful that your bad credit may prevent you from getting approval for a phone contract, you should try applying online directly to the mobile network’s website and forgo applying through companies such as , Phones4U or Carphone Warehouse, mainly because these are third party service providers that have tighter credit checking systems.

If you are in desperate need of a mobile contract and you just can’t wait for a Sim card only tariff. Another option is to apply through a specific network’s website and check out their deals.

On some occasions, they will make exceptions and special provisions for people finding themselves in extraordinary circumstances.

However, they may request that you make an upfront payment on the new handset or they will restrict your Sim card to a specific number of texts and minutes.

Best Networks For Bad Credit?

Reviewing a poor credit application will usually vary among mobile network providers. Some networks won’t even consider an applicant with slightest tendency towards a bad credit score, but will attempt to entice you into expensive options such has a pay as you go plan.

On the other hand, more sympathetic bad credit mobile networks will guide and help you with your phone application.

T-Mobile is one of the most compassionate networks to people with bad credit. Many people have applied for affordable tariffs and get automatic approval with a new contract mobile phone delivered and activated within 3 days.

However, in instances where your bad credit score is extreme, your best chance is to apply for a sim card only package, also known as a “solo” deal, mainly because these contracts have an extremely high rate of approval and yields value for your money.

Another fantastic network which provides you affordable price tariffs are Orange, this network also offers special deals for consumers applying online for a contract phone.

You don’t have to worry about the processing of applications or delivery time as this is a quick and simple process.

Orange offers several affordable and desirable sim only packages. With just £5, you can own a lovely new Orange sim plan packed with free talk time and free texts. This network will offer you a new mobile handset and they have an excellent acceptance rate.

Another leading network provider of contracts for people with a poor credit history is O2. They have a simple application process, which is so straight forward that you can either apply by the telephone or online. It is recommended that you apply online as some of the deals are “exclusive” to web users.

What Type Of Customer Are You?
Ok, so when talking to T-mobile, O2, Orange or Three, you understand that you’re a bad credit applicant and you’re looking for Mobile contracts with bad credit.

How do you use this information about your credit history to your advantage, remember this information has always been seen as negative information, but with a little bit of insightful thinking we can use this information to your advantage.

There are 5 areas in which you are evaluated, payment history, your current debt, your time in file, your account diversity and your recent searches for credit. We will look at each risk type individually and identify how we can use each the different (relevant) elements of the credit check to your advantage.

High Risk applicants

As I mentioned before we recommend applying to the 10.21 plan from T-mobile or the Text 100 plan from three for Mobile contracts with bad credit. The two of these mobile operators are more lenient on bad credit applicants than the others. But they can both be tough on applicants, as they need to feel secure in their understanding of the risk you pose.

So your monthly tariff will cost you £15 or under, so you always have to keep that number in your head, as we need to help you prove to the mobile operators that you can cover that cost each month.

Ok, so looking at the credit check, your payment history is not going to look well, you will have regularly missed payments, but what you need to do is identify times (over the last 12 months) where you consistently made your payments, particularly on credit over £15.

Your current debt is quite large, but what you need to show the operators is how much you have paid back, if you can show you have paid a significant amount off, or even a small amount off, it will strengthen your case as it proves you’ve made payments over a long period of time.

Your time in file will work to your advantage, but you probably don’t have too much account diversity as you have or have been forced to cut back on certain credit facilities, however of the credit facilities that are there, you could look to cancel one of them, particularly if it is in around the £15 a month mark, again just a smart way to work things to your advantage.

Medium Risk applicants

Should apply for the 20.50 plan from Vodafone or the talk 900 from three. Because of the price range we are now going into, we will have to work hard to prove you can make these payments each month.

So your monthly tariff will be £25 and under each month. So how do we work the credit check to our advantage? Your payment history will be quite chequered, but you have it shape at the moment, so again you need to identify all the long stretches of time (6-12 month stretches if possible) where you have not missed any payments, and these payments have over (if possible) the £25 a month mark.

You do still have a large amount of debt, but you’re on top of it, you monthly income more than covers the payments on loans, if you can also prove that at the end of the month after all your bills are paid you have more than £25 a month left over, this will really work to your advantage.

Time in file will again work to you favour as should your account diversity, you might have a gym membership, broadband, a store card, maybe sky.

This proves that you can manage multiple pieces of credit, it also gives you the possibility of cancelling one credit facility (particularly if it’s close to the £25 mark) therefore freeing cash to pay for Mobile contracts with bad credit.

Low Risk Applicants

Should apply to Orange and Three, both operators have looked favourably on bad credit applicants. You should apply for the panther 35 plan from orange or the One plan from three.

Because of the price range £35 and under, we will need to get our facts exactly correct, as the operators will look with great detail into your risk.

Luckily your credit is in a good state. You have had some bumps in the past with your payments, but it has been good for the last 12 months, so use this to your advantage, this now shows your stability in making payments, which make you look like a secure risk. When you look at your debt, it has diminished significantly or your current income more than covers your repayments each month, again prove that at the end of the month, after all your debts, loans and expenses are paid you still have £35 left, enough to cover the Mobile contracts with bad credit costs.

Time in file and your account diversity will work in your favour, and again if you need to, you could cancel that gym membership that you never use. In your recent searches for credit you have been successful, so bring this up, also if the monthly cost of the latest piece of credit is close to £35 a month then you should bring that up to.

Mobile contracts with bad credit, what are they like? I think you will agree mobile contracts for bad credit are now pretty good.

Because contracts for people with bad credit have caught up with the rest of the mobile market. There are great phones and great deals for all risk types, and if you follow the advice (about getting over credit check information) you should not have a problem getting the best mobile contracts for bad credit for you.

Best Mobile Contracts For People With Bad Credit
Let’s see what interesting deals and phones are available to you.

I have broken the top deals by risk type, so we will look at the best Mobile contracts for people with bad credit by high medium and low risk applicant deals.

So let’s start with the high risk bad credit applicants. As a rule, we always say that you should only apply for contracts priced at £15 or under, because you pose the highest risk anything over that limit and you will be rejected. So what Mobile contracts with bad credit are available to you?

Orange: Dolphin 15, 100 minutes, unlimited texts and internet access for £15.
T-Mobile: 10.21, 100 minutes, 100 texts internet access for £10.21.
Three: Text 100, 100 minutes, 500 texts, 500mb internet data for £15.
Vodafone: 10.50 plan, 100 minutes and 500 texts for £10.50.
Phones include: Nokia C1-02, Nokia C3 Pink, Nokia C3 touch & type, Nokia C5-03.

For high risk bad credit applicants, to ensure you get your Mobile contracts with bad credit we would recommend you apply to T-mobile or Three.

Moving onto medium risk applicants, we always say that you should only apply for contracts priced at £25 or under. So what Mobile contracts with bad credit are available to you?

Orange: Dolphin 25, 300 minutes, unlimited texts and internet access for £25.
T-Mobile: 20.42, 600 minutes, 500 texts and internet access for £20.42.
Three: Talk 900, 900 minutes, 900 texts, 1gb of internet access for £25.
Vodafone: 20.50 Plan 500 minutes, unlimited texts, 750mb of internet data for £20.50.
Phones include: Samsung Omnia 7, Samsung S33570 Silver, HTC wildfire 7, LG Optimus Black.

For medium risk bad credit applicants, to ensure you get your Mobile contracts with bad credit we would recommend you apply to Vodafone or Three.

Moving onto low risk applicants, we always say that you should only apply for contracts priced at £35 or under. So what Mobile contracts with bad credit are available to you?

Orange: Panther 35 plan, 1000 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited internet data for £35.
T-Mobile: 30.64 plan, 900 minutes, 500 texts and unlimited internet access for £30.64.
Three: one plan, 2000 any network minutes plus 5000 three-to-three minutes, 5000 texts, unlimited internet data for £35.
Vodafone: 34.00 Plan, 900 minutes, unlimited texts, 750mb internet data for £34.
Phones include: Samsung Galaxy SII, Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, Samsung Monte, Blackberry Torch.

For low risk bad credit applicants, to ensure you get your Mobile contracts with bad credit we would recommend you apply to Orange or Three.

Sim Only Bad Credit Deals

These packages are most reasonable priced version of all the mobile phone contracts available on the market. For a minimum monthly fee (how high will depend on your usage), you will have access to a large number of minutes and texts per month.

For example, O2 offers a simplicity deal of 600 minutes with unrestricted texts for just £20 per month. Providers of Sim only bad credit contracts enjoy offering these deals, mainly because if a customer defaults on payments they can simply cancel the sim card, do without the risk of loosing an expensive brand new phone.

Additionally, these deals will assist you in building a favourable credit score with a specific provider. Furthermore, if you pay your bills on time, this will help when you intend to secure an upgrade on your phone.

Another benefit with the SIM only contracts is that they last only 30 days, giving you the privilege of cancelling it at anytime as opposed to a regular lengthy 18 to 24 month mobile contracts.

Bad Credit Phone Contracts

Usually, networks do not specifically call a package “deals suitable for people suffering with poor credit”. However, network providers offer ideal tariffs, which are extremely affordable and possess an easier credit checking system for approval.

Sim only packages are excellent, if you possess a mobile handset in which you can insert the sim card. However, in these days, you can easily buy a mobile for only £20, therefore, if you are not so much interested in owning the latest, hi-tech phones, the Sim only deals is perfect for you. Also, when you order this deal online your sim can be activated and delivered to you in just a few days.

You could also locate more reasonable priced contract phones, which only cost about £20 each month. This will include a wide range of tariffs to choose, which will suit your desires if you love texting or calling.